Wisdom from Dr. Jennifer Shell in the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit

Dr. Jennifer ShellWhen I launched the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit, my goal was to bring experts in to share information on a variety of topics relevant to women today. We accomplished just that, and one of the phenomenal women who contributed is Dr. Jennifer Shell, D.C.

Dr. Shell is a chiropractor with an emphasis on nutrition. She focuses on helping people heal naturally, by changing their diets and incorporating specific high-quality supplements.

With that background, Dr. Shell had plenty of wisdom to share about nutrition for wellness. One of her key tips is to avoid sugar, and she helped us identify some of the culprits in our home that may be hiding sugar without us realizing it. Did you know a store-bought granola bar typically has about 50 grams of sugar? Dr. Shell urged us to read the labels of the food we already have in our homes, then how to make some simple changes to our snacks.

She also explained simple vs. complex carbohydrates, offered healthy breakfast options, and discussed how nutritional response testing works and how it can help you identify what is helping or harming your body.

One thing I was surprised to learn was that obesity, depression, anxiousness, and behavior problems can be markedly changed by diet.

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