Is Your Health Information Being Hacked?

Internet security concept open red padlock virus or unsecured wiThe short answer is “yes – it’s likely.”  This was the discussion I had last week with my daughter.  After the major Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance data breach among others, many people are concerned.

My daughter, who just started a new job, got a notice from her employer that she was one of the 80 million people who had their health information hacked in February of this year.  She was understandably very concerned.

So what should you do when you become aware  that your information is hacked?

  1. If you notice something suspicious, notify your healthcare provider or insurance company immediately.
  2. If your healthcare provider or insurance company tells you your information has been compromised, it’s likely that they will provide you with identity theft coverage.  If not, ask for it.
  3. Monitor your financial information and immediately report any strange charges.

In the case of the Anthem BCBS breach, BCBS provided 2 years of identity theft repair assistance, credit monitoring, and identity theft insurance to all the people affected by the breach.

One of the areas to pay attention to is your tax returns.  For some of the BCBS customers who were hacked,  the hackers filed fraudulent tax returns using the stolen information.  When the person went to file their taxes, they were informed that they had already filed and received a refund.

Tell us whether you are concerned about hacking of your health information. We’d love to hear from you!

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Helpful Health Care Links: November 29, 2014

cloud of words related to celebration of Thanksgiving Day on aThis holiday week is a time for reflection. Our helpful health care links focus on many topics — changes in healthcare coverage for immigrants under President Obama’s new program and tighter FDA menu regulations for many restaurants. We also included a local story from The Wall Street Journal about a Detroit neurosurgeon arrested for alleged insurance fraud. All are worth your time. And, as always, if you ever come across a healthcare story that you think merits more attention, please send it our way!

A Warning on Nutmeg

During the holiday season, nutmeg is one of the most well-loved spices, but it has quite the twisted history. Toxicologists warn: measure your nutmeg carefully.

Illegal Immigrants Could Receive Social Security, Medicare Under Obama Action

Under President Obama’s new program to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, many of those affected will be eligible to receive Social Security, Medicare, and a wide array of other federal benefits.

FDA Menu Labels May Freak Restaurants into Swapping Fries for Fruit

The Food and Drug Administration unveiled long-awaited rules requiring restaurants, grocery deli counters, convenience stores, and other outlets with more than 20 locations to post calories counts on their menus.

Turning 21? Here’s How to Avoid a Big Hike in Health Insurance Premiums

For those insured through the federal health insurance marketplace that operates in about three dozen states, turning 21 could mean a whopping 58 percent jump in health insurance premiums in 2015 if you don’t take the steps outlined in this article.

Detroit Neurosurgeon Aria Sabit Arrested for Alleged Insurance Fraud

A Detroit-area neurosurgeon was arrested for allegedly defrauding federal and private health-insurance programs by billing for spine surgeries that he either didn’t perform or that were medically unnecessary.


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Are Criminals Using ObamaCare to Steal Personal Information?

The simple answer is “Yes.”

A growing number of criminals are using ObamaCare to steal  patients’ personal information.

The government is warning seniors on Medicare: If someone asks for your personal information for a state insurance exchange under the new healthcare law, he’s probably a crook. Those exchanges don’t apply to seniors.

No consumer, young or old, should give out medical information or pay up-front “enrollment” fees, the government says.

Those are just two of the scams that federal officials anticipate as more and more patients sign up under the Affordable Care Act.

What Should You Know?

1)  Never give out personal information to someone who contacts you saying you need to sign up for ObamaCare.   It’s likely a criminal.

2)  If you suspect fraud, call  800-318-2596, TTY 855-889-4325.  This number will connect yous to federal call centers for reporting fraud or attempted identity theft.

3)  Anyone who is officially allowed to sign patients up for ObamaCare should be able to present official credentials.  If there is any doubt, you should ask for a number to call to confirm the person’s identity.

Remember:  1) make sure you know if you qualify for ObamaCare (download my ebook, Easy Healthcare: Obamacare  to find out); 2) that Medicare is not affected by ObamaCare, and 3) where to call if you suspect fraud: 800-318-2596.

Knowing these facts may save you from a criminal who is trying to steal your identity or money.


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