How You Can Change Your Diet to Improve PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, more commonly known as PCOS, affects almost 5 million women in the United States alone. And sadly, many of these women are left undiagnosed. Today, we’re going to discuss the signs of PCOS and dietary changes you can make to lessen your symptoms.

Signs of PCOS
Weight gain or obesity
Typically, women with PCOS are overweight or even obese. And often times they hold their weight around the waistline.
Excessive body hair
It’s not abnormal for women to have body hair. What is more important is to pay attention to the location, as well as the color and thickness of it. Women with PCOS tend to have thick, coarse body hair on their face (typically the upper lip and jaw line), chest and back.
Oily and acne prone skin
Due to the increased hormone levels, women with PCOS often times have oily and acne prone skin.
Irregular menstrual cycles and infertility
PCOS is a result of increased hormones, typically the predominantly male hormone testosterone. One of the early signs of PCOS is missed or irregular periods. PCOS can also cause ovarian cysts and infertility if left untreated.
In order to help improve your PCOS it’s important to get to the root of the cause. Changing your diet can be a huge factor.
Avoid inflammatory foods
Foods that cause inflammation, namely wheat and dairy, can wreck havoc on anyone’s body, let alone those with PCOS. Try including anti-inflammatory foods, such as turmeric, blueberries, ginger and beets.
Be sure you’re getting enough iodine
Iodine is a naturally occuring trace mineral in the human body. It is essential for creating thyroid hormones. Iodine can also help prevent or reduce ovarian cysts, which are common with PCOS. To be sure you’re getting enough iodine you can try adding seaweeds to your diet. If that’s not up your alley, try eating some navy beans or taking a liquid iodine supplement.
Remove all processed food and refined sugars
Women with PCOS are predisposed to developing diabetes. Therefore, it is important to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Most boxed or processed foods are high in sugar. Try sticking to healthy, home cooked meals instead of those found in a box.
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How Seeing a Chiropractor Can Improve Your Nutrition

Female doctor hand holding a green apple, sitting at the deskWhen most people think of a chiropractor they think of back pain, neck cracking and not much else. However, chiropractors, especially those that are trained in Applied Kinesiology (AK) can help with so many other ailments. They work at getting to the root of the problem, as opposed to aiding what’s on the surface.

Several years ago I was having a hard time sleeping, I was fatigued and plain burnt out. I saw my chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer Shell, who got me on the right supplements, and now I sleep great! I was even having some digestive distress and she traced it back to popcorn, something I would have never thought bothered my stomach. I learn so much about nutrition every time I see here. Today I’m sharing how seeing a chiropractor can improve your nutrition.

They do nutritional response testing
This technique, more commonly known as muscle testing, looks for weakness in the tone of an organ. Simply by pressing on the acupuncture point of an organ and resisting the doctors push of your arm they can determine if an organ is weak. This could be due to a food that you eat or because you’re lacking in a specific vitamin and mineral.

They believe in whole food supplements
Chiropractors understand that it’s difficult to get certain minerals in your diet. For instance, the higher above the equator you live, the less iodine you get through your diet. Iodine is essential for many things including thyroid function and breast tissue health. They also recognize that many things deplete our stores of these nutrients and therefore must be supplemented. I recently met with Dr. Shell and she explained how almost everything we do decreases our magnesium levels, including eating sugar. To learn more about what she had to say check out the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit.

They focus on digestion
Another thing Dr. Shell mentioned is how some deficiencies can be due to poor absorption of vitamins and minerals in your gut. If your stomach can’t probably digest the food you’re eating you will be lacking in vital nutrients. A chiropractor can test for these things and can suggest a digestive enzyme if and when it’s appropriate. Most chiropractors also suggest taking a probiotic to keep the gut happy and healthy.

They understand that the nervous system plays a role in everything
Believe it or not, your nervous system has a control over every process in your body. It is also the center that sends messages to and from your brain. If there is miscommunication between your nervous system and your brain there is bound to be a disturbance. This can include disturbances in your diet. For instance, your stomach may not be able to communicate to you that it’s full, causing you to overeat. Getting an adjustment will probably realign your spine and balance your nervous system.

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8 Perfect Pantry Foods

Smiling Sportive Woman Squeezing Juice From OrangeEating well is a full time job. It takes proper planning and careful consideration. What you keep in the house is just as important as what you put on your plate. It can be easy to prepare meals and set aside healthy foods for the week, but what about when hunger strikes and you need to reach for something in the cupboard? If your house is stocked with junk food, such as chips and candy, it will be hard to achieve your wellness goals. Today, we’re sharing 8 staples that you should keep in your pantry at all times. They’re great to grab as a snack or to add nutrition to meals, and they are healthy and delicious!

Coconut oil
Everyone is on the coconut oil craze, but for good reason! Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid so it’s one of those “good” fats. Due to its fatty acid properties, coconut oil is great for stabilizing blood sugar. So next time you’re craving something sweet reach in your cabinet and take a spoonful of coconut oil. If your craving doesn’t subside add another spoonful to some melted dark chocolate and dip some strawberries in there. The coconut oil gives the chocolate a touch of sweetness and creaminess, and makes the perfect healthy snack!

We all have heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, it’s true. Apples contain antioxidants that help to boost your immunity. They also contain a lot of fiber so they make a great snack, especially when you’re looking for something with a bite to it. Fruit is best to eat on an empty stomach, your body will digest it better. Plus fruit is so easy: just wash and enjoy!

Nutritional flakes
A lot of people haven’t heard of them, but these little flakes but they pack a huge punch when it comes to flavor and nutrition. Yeast flakes are derived from wood pulp, whey or molasses and contain a ton of B vitamins to give you energy. They’re also a great source of protein! These flakes have a nutty or cheesy taste and are delicious when sprinkled on veggies. They are also perfect to add to freshly popped popcorn for movie night! But make sure you add them after everything is cooked, because heat can destroy their health benefits.

Peanuts, pistachios, almonds — all three of these nuts should be pantry staples! Nuts make a great snack, they’re a little salty and have some crunch, a much healthier alternative to potato chips. They’re full of fiber and protein to keep you full all day long!

Flax seeds
Flax seeds look like sesame seeds, but they contain a different set of nutritional values. One tablespoon of ground flax seed contains almost 2 grams of fiber! With all of the fiber packed into these tiny seeds, they are great for digestion. Flax seed also helps lower cholesterol, because they’re a great source of omega 3s, and they can even aide in weight loss! These seeds don’t have a lot of flavor, so they’re perfect to add to oatmeal, yogurt or even smoothies. Try adding them to your kids’ favorite smoothie; your kids won’t even notice they’re there! Just make sure you grind them up before using them, and store them in the freezer. Whole flax will pass right through you, making you miss all of its nutritional value. And once they’re ground, the oils in them can cause them to go rancid quickly, so freezing is always the best storage option.

Apple cider vinegar
You should always keep some apple cider vinegar in your pantry. Apple cider vinegar is alkalizing and helps to kick your metabolism into high gear! Adding a tablespoon or two to a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. It can also be used to make healthy salad dressings. Just make sure you get the organic apple cider vinegar fermented with mother. This contains the most health benefits.

Chia seeds
These tiny seeds are a pantry must-have! You can add them to so many different foods to enhance texture and to add nutrients. Like flax seeds, chia seeds are packed with fiber and omega 3s. One ounce of chia seeds contains 10 grams of fiber! That’s almost a third of the recommended daily value of fiber for adults. They are great sprinkled on avocado toast, used as a salad topping or they can even be used to make chia seed pudding. They swell and absorb liquid, so add some to your favorite milk, let it chill over night in the fridge, and in the morning you’ll have a healthy breakfast on the go!

This ancient grain is full of goodness! Swap rice for quinoa or use it to make a summer salad. This grain is gluten free and contains a boat load of protein. It’s delicious when added to chili to add extra protein to keep you full all day long!

Stocking your pantry with healthy foods will get you to your weight loss goals that much quicker! Pick up these delicious treats next time you head to the grocery store or farmers market, you won’t regret it!

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