Will My Health Insurance Cover Diagnostic Tests?

Mid adult nurse preparing patient for CT scan test in hospital rGenerally, the answer is yes, but….  This is a question one of our readers asked so I thought I would share the answer here in case anyone else is wondering. Diagnostic tests are generally covered by your insurance, however, the deductible will apply.

Often, we compare the diagnostic test to preventative tests (which might be the same test, as with a colonoscopy). A preventative test under ObamaCare is generally covered without having to meet your deductible. Seems a little silly, right? One is fully covered and the other requires you to meet your deductible. The reason behind the distinction is that we want to encourage people to get their regular check-up and related tests, and if preventative care is not covered patients are less likely to get the test.

The next time you go to the doctor ask:

  1. What preventative tests should I get each year?
  2. How often does my insurance allow me to get the test?
  3. Should I schedule the test every year before or after I have my annual check-up?

These questions may help you keep up with your health. Remember being proactive is the best way to stay healthy and decrease the cost of your healthcare.

Does your doctor discuss the cost of tests with you when he or she orders the test? I’d love to hear from you!

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