Wisdom from Francesca Saracino in the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit

Francesca SaracinoWhen I launched the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit, my goal was to bring experts in to share information on a variety of topics relevant to women today. We accomplished just that, and one of the outstanding women who contributed is Francesca Saracino.

Francesca is a chiropractic assistant and a Stott Pilates trainer. She has a B.S. degree with a concentration in Human Physiology and Exercise Physiology

Francesca explained the five principles of Stott Pilates, which focuses on maintaining structure throughout the spine. She recommends participating in pilates at least once per week, but said that two or three times per week is even better.

She defined some of the terms frequently used in pilates, so if you attend a class near you, you will be in the know. Francesca demonstrated a number of pilates moves and gave us some simple pilates routines that we can do at home.

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