Wisdom from Lauren Gilpin in the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit

Lauren GilpinWhen I launched the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit, my goal was to bring experts in to share information on a variety of topics relevant to women today. We accomplished just that, and one of the bright young women who contributed is Lauren Gilpin.

Lauren is an attorney practicing in the metro-Detroit area, who recently married and shared her tips for planning a wedding and a life together.

She made me laugh when she started by saying that a good first step is to like the person you are going to marry. That certainly helps. From there Lauren dove in on open communication with your fiancé throughout planning and being clear on your budget.

She didn’t stop with wedding talk, however. Lauren also shared her tips for entering the workforce as a young professional and how to balance a new career with a new home life—something that she is accomplishing with grace.

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