You Have One More Chance!!!

An extra enrollment period for ObamaCare will take place from March 15 – April 30, 2015. This is a special enrollment period for people who owe the ObamaCare tax for 2014 and were confused about enrollment for 2015. It provides an extra enrollment opportunity to avoid the fee for the rest of 2015. This video will help you identify the information you need to know when choosing an ObamaCare plan.

P.S. -We know purchasing the right insurance plan can be complex. However, if you learn some basic, but important, terms and spend a little time to do some homework, you can pick a plan with ease. Some up-front preparation and being aware of your options will help you avoid picking a costly plan that doesn’t cover your most important healthcare needs. Spin your healthcare your way and check out our Easy Healthcare eBook Guides.

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